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Whether you’re wondering why that recipe didn’t come out the way you wanted it to or just can’t figure out where to begin, let me help you become a better cook! I want to make everyone who eats your next meal think that you’re magic in the kitchen.

Don’t feel like cooking dinner this week? Want some help planning and prepping that big holiday meal? Maybe you just need someone to make all that cookie baking go faster? I’ve got you covered there too!

With over a decade of culinary experience, I can help you to quickly identify the missing links in your process and deconstruct it in a fun way that really works for you… or just feed you something delicious.

I’m currently available in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area for in-person sessions, and troubleshooting via Skype no matter where you live.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Flavor Balancing and Pairing
  • Figuring Out “What’s Missing?”
  • Practically Effortless Entertaining
  • Culinary Basics and Building Blocks
  • Organizing and Stocking Your Pantry
  • Homemade Anything From Scratch
  • Navigating Ethnic Supermarkets
  • Cooking With What You Have
  • Substituting in Recipes
  • Thinking Like a Chef
  • Leftover Magic

And more!

I’m also available if you need help planning your kitchen garden for spring. (I highly recommend coming up with a game plan this early in advance if you’re thinking about growing any heirloom vegetables from seed, as the seed catalogs tend to sell out quicker every year these days.)

Check out my reviews below, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 🙂.

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Veronica Flores
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 14 reviews
by Ana on Veronica Flores
Eat, Love, Joy
Review: Veronica Flores

Shearing food prepared by Veronica is a quintessential experience. Her passion for the art of food, deep knowledge, and attention to flavor constituents is astounding. Add fresh ingredients and skillful execution. Dining becomes magic. I look forward to the next time I can be with Veronica, the scent of fresh spices and savory food..

by WayneO on Veronica Flores
A Passionate Food Lover with Expertise to Match

Veronica is truly passionate about food, and not just a cooking and eating, but also everything about the food industry. She is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to flavors/techniques, and don't get me started on gardening. She loves helping people with food because food really is her way of showing love..

by sunshine benke on Veronica Flores
my gardening mentor

I have been around a lot of passionate individuals concerning food, gardening, and protecting our planet. But I have yet to meet someone who so effortlessly combines these passions and does it so well as Veronica. She instantly brings an excitement to eating and gardening when she talks about her trials and tribulations trying to work out complimentary planting or flavor pairings. You realize that she has had fun trying new things, experimenting and sometimes failing, and there is no reason that we all can't have fun seeing what works and what doesn't. Through that time, she has clearly learned a LOT, and is so happy to share this knowledge with all, and I for one am a totally enamored audience. She is also committed to bringing a more balanced world forward where our living off the land doesn't have the detrimental consequences it now does, and how can we all live in harmony with earth, while enjoying all it has to offer. She also throws a killer party and her infused spirits will knocks your socks off... or pants. And somehow she's done so on a shoe-string budget and a handful of wildflowers she picked on a hike. Trust... you will be better off for having her come into your world..

by Reuben on Veronica Flores
Pure Magic
Review: Highly Recommend!

Whether the subject of conversation is food, gardening, cooking or entertaining, Veronica's knowledge base is simply extraordinary. One can easily be swept up in her passion & love for the culinary arts once you've struck up a conversation with her. She not only pours her heart & soul into every aspect of food cultivation & preparation, but she will happily share her trade secrets with you to improve your own recipes & gardening techniques. You'll find her skillful touch in every detail should you have the pleasure of enjoying a meal prepared by her..

by JSok on Veronica Flores
Culinary Rockstar
Review: For V, the kitchen is her stage. And your fulfilled taste buds is the applause she seeks.

The sun is shining over V's picnic table on a beautiful Cali Sunday afternoon. The table is dressed immaculately with treasures she's hunted at different markets over the years. Dishware with history, silverware she's re-shined herself. The rays bounce off of clear carafes which are filled with homemade juices and water heightened in its freshness with sliced cucumbers from her garden. As her guests congregate, she covertly sets the table. A fresh arugula salad with a light dressing she's made on a whim finds its way to a corner of the table. A quiche with a soft crust she rolled out earlier that day filled with creamy and light eggs made from the six chickens she raised in the back. Grilled vegetables scatter the table between mimosas; some from her garden, some from the farmer's market. And because she knows this particular crowd too well, she ensures a platter of perfectly crisp bacon are placed direct and center to a reception of cheers and clinks of glasses to a brunch well done.

The kitchen where this intimate event is taking place is smaller than a handicapped bathroom stall. We look at each other and without hesitation, give a nod as if to say "we're going to make it work." We have to feed 16 people out of it and we will not let lack of space deter that goal. After a brief run-through, we launch the first course. Puff pastries mixed with fresh herbs sit in a muffin tin getting lightly baked as V purees the cauliflower she's roasted earlier during prep. Once the pastries are ready, she mixes in the whipped goat cheese into the puree and sends it off with slices of carrots, jicama, and cucumber crudite. Second course of beef sliders is under way and we run into a hiccup of not having enough meat to double patty as originally planned. It only takes seconds to revise as we alter the portions to one patty, but each are fattened from original idea of doubling. She tops the sliders with her homemade onion jam spiced with a hint of chipotle and horseradish mayo and makes sure she grills the buns with perfect lines. She ends the menu with pizzelles made from her new machine she gets to play with now and fresh whipped vanilla bean dipped in spiced chocolates she's been melting since second course, with a dust of finely chopped pistachios. She places them in novelty popcorn containers she's bought specifically for this event, a memento of a meal that made you smile.

It's late at night and we've arrived home from a night out, starving but wanting to avoid the trap of fast food. V takes a quick look through the fridge and gives it a once over, concocting a quick recipe. Her eye zeroes in on some leftover roasted chicken, veggies from her garden, and she immediately begins mixing flour and eggs. Before I know it, she's already rolling out a pie crust. She furiously chops the veggies and gives it a light toss in a pan for several minutes. Once the veggies soften, they mix with the chicken and fill the crust evenly. By the time I ask if she needs a hand, she's already weaved a perfect lattice and tossed it in the oven. "Homemade chicken pot pie" she says with a satisfied grin of a woman who's saved us from spending money and having a grease attack late into the night.

These are only a few out of the hundred food scenarios I've been lucky enough to experience with Veronica. She's perpetually fascinated by foods and continuously curious about what she can do with them. She's adventurous in flavors of different cultures and makes a point to specifically buy ingredients she's not familiar with so that she can learn exactly where to group them on her own scale and use them in dishes she's used its family member prior. With every bite, she analyzes what works and what doesn't, and always notes what she can do next to intensify. Presentation is important to her, for she knows the appearance adds to the deliciousness of the dish. She knows adaptation is necessary in any kitchen and will make sure to go where the food takes her. For Veronica, food isn't just sustenance... it's not just there to keep you alive... it is what life gives you to truly LIVE.

There are certain people that make you like eating with them, sharing food pics and debates with them, cooking with them, collaborate with them. Veronica is top of the list. Having Veronica work for you would be an honor. For you and for her..

by Devin O'Neill on Veronica Flores
New Flavors, New Perspective, New Life

Before experiencing Veronica's work, I really didn't have the courage to experiment with cooking and flavors on my own. I wasn't super knowledgable, and assumed that messing with the instructions in a recipe would result in an inedible mess.

I worked with Veronica to cater a very crucial small-volume event. We were at her kitchen discussing the possibilities, and she fixed us some dinner. During the preparation process, I heard her say "I wonder if this will work? Yeah, let's try some of that", etc. I was flabbergasted.

During the meal she went on to explain to me that this was how she developed and honed her own sense of flavor. Food, for her, was a playground. And the proof was in the pudding-- the food was fine-restaurant-quality-delicious. She had an intuitive understanding of her ingredients, all the way from the garden out back through the plate, that allowed her to experiment, delight, and surprise at whim. I'd never experienced anything like it.

During our event, both she and her assistant were phenomenally professional. She whipped up a tasting menu with courses themed around various pop stars (since that was the theme of the event), and the guests were just as impressed with Veronica's food as with the material presented (probably more, to be honest). I would work with Veronica again in a heartbeat, but more than that, she's given me the courage to pursue my own explorations in flavor..

by David Freid on Veronica Flores

Veronica does everything she does with all of her heart. You can definitely taste that in her cooking. And that's just a small part of what makes Veronica wonderful..

by Garrett Lisi on Veronica Flores
Review: Yep

Veronica makes wonderful food..

by Jennifer McClain on Veronica Flores
An Excellent Food Advisor
Review: Hire her immediately

I have known Veronica many years, and I can vouch for her love of cooking and all aspects of food preparation. She is a gardener, a cultivator, and an innovator. She truly pours her soul into her food, and has always said that "food is how I say I love you". Over the years she has cooked for me on numerous occasions. She threw me a lavish birthday party with a multi-course meal, and every dish was delicious. I have also attended brunches she hosted and was impressed with her dedication and attention to detail. Even when we went out to eat, I was always fascinated with Veronica's pleasure at tasting exquisite cuisine and her ability to identify the ingredients and preparation involved. Veronica is the perfect person to teach you how to cook, plant your garden, and/or throw a dinner party. I would recommend her services highly..

by Victoria Lee on Veronica Flores
Exquisite Meals Anywhere

I had the great pleasure of sampling from Veronica’s assortment of meals that she prepared for a group a friends on a house boat in the Sacramento River Delta. Not only was I thoroughly impressed by her travel kitchen setup (I’ve never seen one so compact, organized, and full of unique herbs and spices!), I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of passion and careful thought placed into every dish.

Have you ever eaten culinary works of art in the middle of nowhere? Well, Veronica can definitely make this happen for you and everyone you know..

by Dexter Brown on Veronica Flores
Food With Love!

There were several times I had the pleasure of having meals prepared by Veronica. One of them was for my birthday! Every time I eat her cooking I feel like it was made from the heart and with care. Sometimes you may have to wait a bit but it is all the while worth it! 🙂 I love that she cooks clean, healthy while maintaining great hearty taste. With her knowledge of food and nutrition, I will always trust any dish that comes from Veronica, who has more than once opened my tastebuds to new and delicious ingredients I would have otherwise never even tried. Thank you for enlightening and filling me up!.

by Christopher Salata on Veronica Flores

I'm not a huge foodie compared to some of my friends who write successful food blogs and seem to be at a new restaurant every night, but I can tell the difference between someone who really is an artist in culinary and someone who is just a decent cook. Veronica is a culinary artist. Her food I'm impeccable. You will never be let down by having her in the kitchen..

by CT on Veronica Flores
Work With Her!

Veronica is without a doubt the MOST knowledgable person I've ever met when it comes to all things food. She's saved my garden from my own ineptitude countless times, inspired me to make deliciously wholesome food from the bounty and she throws one heck of a party. Can't say enough about her!!.

by dominika juillet on Veronica Flores

There are few people who can buck stereotypes in several directions at once. Pretty girls enjoy many great assumptions but they also suffer many annoying ones: we don't read, we don't cook well, we don't eat well, we don't really jump into anything. Veronica is the only other girl I would pass on this analysis to (said of me by a studio producer) "like a 12 year old super nerdy boy trapped in a Victoria's Secret body".. and I would add a gastronomic wizard to that nerd factor. She cooks with sass and she cooks with passion..... those two things" hard to reach beauty and all-encompassing sensuality" are so rare these days, having food from her table will not only remind you to believe in "dialectical unity of opposites as the progress of culture" (my favorite philosopher Kant theorized that it is only the things that co-exist against trend that actually PUSH culture forward) but it is just by being around her cooking that you will LEARN about the ingredients, enjoy a fine James Bond like display of skill with knives and have your palette smile with the final results. This is someone I can promise you will not only feed your stomach but restore your cup with many a positive outlooks for the human race itself..