The Best Seed Catalogs in the US


Around this time of year, I always end up with quite a few messages asking me where I recommend ordering seeds from.

I fondly remember early springtime as a child. Our mailbox would be jammed full of seed catalogs, and I would spend hours camped out in my fort in the backyard, voraciously circling all of the packets in the “Burpee magazine” that I wanted my dad to order for the garden until I nearly passed out from the overwhelming amount of options.

I will say that a lot of the seed catalogs out there can be extremely daunting. Before … More →

Urban Farming & Drought in SoCal

irrigation2Everyone from LA to NY is talking SoCal Mega-Drought and everything from pointing fingers at industries for using too much to not watering lawns or washing cars to what else we can do to conserve water so that we’re not waking up in a disaster movie 12-18 months from now where carrots and tomatoes cost $10lb (*if* you can find them), and several people have even asked me “if I feel badly about gardening during this shortage”… wait what?

Because while a garden takes water to grow, I never really thought about what my impact (or lack thereof) might be-

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Roasted Winter Squash Carbonara

squash bake

Some evenings, I just want comfort food. And some evenings, I just don’t feel like cooking. On those evenings, I turn to my toaster oven to do most of the work for me. Many oven baked dishes seem like they take a lot of minutes to make, but 95% of those are hands-off, giving you time to work on projects/catch up with the people in your life/have a glass of wine/just veg out and breathe instead of standing over the stove for another hour or two after a long day.

A good carbonara sauce is one of those brilliantly easy … More →