20 Best Foodie Stocking Stuffers Under $10

20151208_130452Around this time of year, I often have people ask me what sorts of last minute presents would be perfect for the foodies in their lives. I know that many of us are strapped for cash around the holidays, which is why I came up with this list of really useful gifts under $10 that any chef or home cook would love to receive.

Every image is clickable and will take you directly to Amazon for purchase, and almost all of these tools and ingredients have been tested by me over the years… most of them are daily staples in … More →

Urban Farming & Drought in SoCal

irrigation2Everyone from LA to NY is talking SoCal Mega-Drought and everything from pointing fingers at industries for using too much to not watering lawns or washing cars to what else we can do to conserve water so that we’re not waking up in a disaster movie 12-18 months from now where carrots and tomatoes cost $10lb (*if* you can find them), and several people have even asked me “if I feel badly about gardening during this shortage”… wait what?

Because while a garden takes water to grow, I never really thought about what my impact (or lack thereof) might be-

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7 Reasons Why You Should Shop Farmers’ Markets


fmreplaceWatching “Restaurant Startup” the other night, I found myself irked. The contestants were shopping for produce at the farmer’s market and the voice-over went something along the lines of “but those premium local organic ingredients come at a cost”, making it sound like it was almost a bad thing! It was irritating to say the least.

I am a diehard weekly farmer’s market shopper for a number of reasons, but I hate it when the option of regularly shopping there is glossed aside by the media like a luxury Gwyneth Paltrow ala GOOP choice, instead of highlighted as one … More →