Roasted Winter Squash Carbonara

squash bake

Some evenings, I just want comfort food. And some evenings, I just don’t feel like cooking. On those evenings, I turn to my toaster oven to do most of the work for me. Many oven baked dishes seem like they take a lot of minutes to make, but 95% of those are hands-off, giving you time to work on projects/catch up with the people in your life/have a glass of wine/just veg out and breathe instead of standing over the stove for another hour or two after a long day.

A good carbonara sauce is one of those brilliantly easy … More →

Eggs Over Easy


One of my cooking goals for the last year (and something I’ve struggled with for ages) was learning how to properly cook eggs. As anyone who watches “Master Chef” might know by now, what many professionals consider “the basics” of cooking inevitably end up being the testing point for many a promising home chef on that show. I always cringe every time the egg challenge comes up- YOU KNOW IT’S GOING TO COME UP! I DON’T KNOW WHY I’M SO SHOCKED EVERY SEASON! I guess it’s partially because I feel for those kids- like somehow I know that I’d have … More →