Veronica Flores has been gardening for 25 years, with a strong focus in seasonal cooking for the last decade. Having been raised in the restaurant industry by managers, cooks, and professional bakers, she’s spent years dissecting the process when it comes to taking food full circle, and brings a wealth of perspective to the table that is rarely taught in books. Armed with little more than an apron, a chef’s knife, a pair of pruning shears, and endless passion and curiosity, she will help you look at all things edible in a whole new light.

In late 2015, I am uprooting, packing my bags and moving back home to Texas to begin the next chapter in the epic culinary adventure I call life. I will be dividing my time between permaculture experiments on 25 pristine acres of forest and meadow in southern Oklahoma and working as a private chef for nomadic friends around the globe.

I also plan on exploring how agricultural and culinary methods vary from one culture to the next, and am looking to find the larger global problems that still need to be tackled in both spaces. If you are in need of a private chef or think that this journey would be an interesting addition to your publication, please get in touch!