Learning to TAP In The Garden

I know what you’re thinking… TAP DANCING? How is that going to make me a better gardener?

While dancing in your garden is super fun and highly recommended, that’s not exactly the kind of TAP I’m talking about.

TAP stands for “Test, Amend, Plant”, and is the acronym I like to use to get a new garden started (or an existing one rebooted.)

I came up with this because many new (and even old) gardeners jump straight to the planting phase and then message me a few weeks later in a panic asking what’s wrong with their garden… and more … More →

20 Best Foodie Stocking Stuffers Under $10

20151208_130452Around this time of year, I often have people ask me what sorts of last minute presents would be perfect for the foodies in their lives. I know that many of us are strapped for cash around the holidays, which is why I came up with this list of really useful gifts under $10 that any chef or home cook would love to receive.

Every image is clickable and will take you directly to Amazon for purchase, and almost all of these tools and ingredients have been tested by me over the years… most of them are daily staples in … More →

The Learning Garden: Venice, CA


One of the easiest ways to continue your growth as a gardener is by going back to school! No, not the sort of education that will put you into a mountain of debt (cough*undergrad*cough*cough)- I’m talking about the sort of education that you can plug into whenever, wherever, on your own watch.

Here in Los Angeles we have a ton of great resources at our disposal, including multitudes of volunteer programs, handfuls of master gardeners that offer weekend sessions, and the recently created Seed Library of Los Angeles (SLOLA), just to name a few.

One of my favorite places to … More →